Employment & Industrial Relations

The working relationship will inevitably give rise to a wide range of matters that requires careful management in order to ensure that a positive ongoing relationship is maintained, and that there is compliance with relevant legal obligations.

If you operate your own business and have employees, we suggest you familiarise yourself with your obligations as an employer. A starting point is to ensure that employment contracts are properly in place. An employment contract should, as a minimum, specify the position of employment, the duties of the employee, the duration of employment, the type of employment (whether full time, part time or casual), the correct Award (if any), each parties’ rights and responsibilities and provision for termination.

In terms of an employee’s rights, the Fair Work Act 2009 provides for the National Employment Standards which comprises 10 minimum standards for employment that are available to all employees. These standards are:

At Weatherly & Associates, we can provide advice on a variety of employment law aspects, involving: